People Photos

People are always an interesting subject to take photos of and this post is all about their photos.  My professional work has blessed me with many friends and I always appreciate their presence and company.  At the same time, I’ve also been blessed with opportunities to capture a moment of their life and preserve it in a photo.  These are just some of the photos of people I’ve taken through the years and as far as photography goes, neither is there a single theme nor style present in all of them.  Perhaps I could simply refer to these as snapshots of people that I’ve encountered during those times that I had my camera along with me.  While I was digging through my files to pick out my favorites, I was reminded of the events which took place during the time that these photos were taken.  People photography may be challenging but also very much rewarding.

upload-IMG_5615 upload-IMG_5614 upload-IMG_5557 upload-IMG_5548 upload-IMG_5539 uap-ucc-2011-34 sportsfest-17 sportsfest-15 shelby-debut-test-9 shelby-debut-test-7 shelby-debut-test-5 shelby-debut-test-2 shakespeare-at-the-garden-day1-19 rj-cloe-wedding-5 rj-cloe-wedding-3 prolife-lovetalk-9 outreach-36 outreach-9 new1-49 new1-47 new1-33 new1-10 miya-xmas-2011-50 miya-xmas-2011-36 miya-xmas-2011 makbet-32 makbet-24 makbet-9 laurice-nov19-2011-28 laurice-nov19-2011-11 laurice-nov19-2011-7 iza-1 IMG_2068 IMG_0622 IMG_0605 IMG_0604 hum-reunion-8 hum-reunion-7 hum-reunion-6 hum-reunion-5 hum-reunion-4 hum-reunion-3 hum-reunion-2 hum-reunion hum-orientation-2010-23 hum-orientation-2010-21 hum-orientation-2010-17 hum-orientation-2010-14 hum-orientation-2010-4 hum-orientation-2010-2 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-63 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-46 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-39 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-31 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-29 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-11 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-7 hum-2012-xmas hiraya-christening-69 gemma-maica-5 gemma-maica-3 gemma-maica-2 gemma f2-1-3 f2-1-2 daniela-jewelry-repeat-6 cross-threshold-launch-20 cross-threshold-launch-10 cross-threshold-launch-7 cross-threshold-launch-5 convert-to-jpg-92 convert-to-jpg-55 2011-wncaa-cheering-66 2011-wncaa-cheering-52 2011-wncaa-cheering-50 7

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