Time for a Restart

Time to revive this blog.  This will be my temporary web site where I’ll post photos as well as thoughts on other things.  Please stay tuned.

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Black and White Boquet


Last Saturday (Dec 22), I was invited to help cover a wedding of a friend.  Mike (the groom) is my friend’s friend so by virtue of affiliation, I was requested to help cover the whole thing. The other guy that he hired took the lead and I basically just followed after him, covering the other things that he and the other guys wouldn’t be covering.  There is no point in all the photographers trying to photograph the (exact) same thing from the (exact) same perspective.  The weather in Tanay, Rizal was a bit of a mixed bag:  the sun would shine, the clouds would come and the rain would fall.  Thankfully, there were moments when any of those conditions proved favorable for shooting.  While the EF-S 17-55mm is not weather-sealed and the 60D only has partial sealing, I never really bothered shying away from taking photos when the rain/drizzle started.  It was a simple wedding between Mike (videographer and businessman) and Glenda (pediatrician) and they were fairly on the older side (think 35-40) as far as age was concerned.  Being a provincial wedding, there were some traditions and superstitions that were upheld.  What’s more is that there’s an unwritten rule that you have to invite practically everyone in town at an event like this.

The photo above is the bridal boquet shot wide open at wide angle.  It doesn’t look very impressive in color so I ran it through a blue B&W filter and added some grain in Lightroom to it to make it more interesting.