Reverb’s Jazz Workshop

Some photos from Reverb’s Jazz Workshop this afternoon.  Enjoy!

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People Photos

People are always an interesting subject to take photos of and this post is all about their photos.  My professional work has blessed me with many friends and I always appreciate their presence and company.  At the same time, I’ve also been blessed with opportunities to capture a moment of their life and preserve it in a photo.  These are just some of the photos of people I’ve taken through the years and as far as photography goes, neither is there a single theme nor style present in all of them.  Perhaps I could simply refer to these as snapshots of people that I’ve encountered during those times that I had my camera along with me.  While I was digging through my files to pick out my favorites, I was reminded of the events which took place during the time that these photos were taken.  People photography may be challenging but also very much rewarding.

upload-IMG_5615 upload-IMG_5614 upload-IMG_5557 upload-IMG_5548 upload-IMG_5539 uap-ucc-2011-34 sportsfest-17 sportsfest-15 shelby-debut-test-9 shelby-debut-test-7 shelby-debut-test-5 shelby-debut-test-2 shakespeare-at-the-garden-day1-19 rj-cloe-wedding-5 rj-cloe-wedding-3 prolife-lovetalk-9 outreach-36 outreach-9 new1-49 new1-47 new1-33 new1-10 miya-xmas-2011-50 miya-xmas-2011-36 miya-xmas-2011 makbet-32 makbet-24 makbet-9 laurice-nov19-2011-28 laurice-nov19-2011-11 laurice-nov19-2011-7 iza-1 IMG_2068 IMG_0622 IMG_0605 IMG_0604 hum-reunion-8 hum-reunion-7 hum-reunion-6 hum-reunion-5 hum-reunion-4 hum-reunion-3 hum-reunion-2 hum-reunion hum-orientation-2010-23 hum-orientation-2010-21 hum-orientation-2010-17 hum-orientation-2010-14 hum-orientation-2010-4 hum-orientation-2010-2 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-63 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-46 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-39 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-31 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-29 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-11 hum-may-19-2012-reunion-7 hum-2012-xmas hiraya-christening-69 gemma-maica-5 gemma-maica-3 gemma-maica-2 gemma f2-1-3 f2-1-2 daniela-jewelry-repeat-6 cross-threshold-launch-20 cross-threshold-launch-10 cross-threshold-launch-7 cross-threshold-launch-5 convert-to-jpg-92 convert-to-jpg-55 2011-wncaa-cheering-66 2011-wncaa-cheering-52 2011-wncaa-cheering-50 7

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2012 Hot Air Balloon Festival


This is Daisy, the happy hot air balloon.  The yearly hot air balloon festival gets bigger and bigger.  They dubbed it “the weekend of everything that flies” and it’s always a fun day for everyone.  For events like these, a long lens really comes in handy.  A 70-200 or longer lens (prime or zoom) is a nice companion to have to get better shots.  For the budget conscious, both Canon and Nikon offer consumer grade 55-200/250/300 lenses with IS/VR for their APS-C DSLRs and they deliver pretty good results too.  We drove out early in the morning to make it in time for the balloon flying but didn’t stay around for too long.

Hiraya’s Christening

Last September of 2012, I was asked by a friend to take photos of her niece’s Christening.  Hiraya, the child, was baptised at Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows Avenue.  It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon with occasional rainshowers.  It was a bit dark at the baptistry but fortunately the video team brought some lighting equipment to brighten things up.  A child’s Christening is a significant day for the child and the family because it marks the child’s entry into the Christian world.  In a certain way, it also sets out the path which the child will take as he/she grows up.  The family and the community are there to guide the child as he/she takes on this journey.


hiraya-christening-22hiraya-christening-9  hiraya-christening-42hiraya-christening-48hiraya-christening-4hiraya-christening-49hiraya-christening-53

Spontaneous Christmas Break Getaway

bag-of-beans-2 bag-of-beans-3 bag-of-beans-4  bag-of-beans-6 bag-of-beans-7 bag-of-beansbag-of-beans-8

Certainly not the most spontaneous of trips because this was earlier discussed but I basically classified it as tentative until it finally happened.  Before school resumes, it was good to have a bit of a getaway and the Sta. Rosa/Tagaytay area is always a good option for such an activity.  Left home around 4PM and bought goodies first at Rowena’s, early dinner at Bag of Beans and finally, window shopping at Nuvali.

I was a bit unsure about bringing the DSLR but I figured that I can always opt not to use it if I didn’t want/need to.  I only brought one lens and while f/2.8 isn’t the fastest of all lenses, IS comes in handy especially since I was just shooting static objects.  Most of the photos were underexposed as far as the camera’s meter was concerned.  Digital Cameras provide the advantage of CHIMP-ing to check for proper exposure.  Just looking at the LCD isn’t the most reliable way to check for “correct” exposure so knowing how to read the histogram helps too.


Pet Photography

half-halfTaking photos of pets is a little different from taking photos of people.  The general rules still apply but as far as perspective goes, it’s a little different.  Static pets make for good subjects for photography but it’s not always that they stay put and wait for you to take their photo.  More often than not, a cat or a dog would walk towards you the moment they notice that you have something in your hand aimed at them  Thus, sometimes a long lens becomes quite helpful.  Another tip which I’ve gotten from a guide book was that pet photos are usually better when taken from a low point.  This photo was taken with a P&S camera with the camera zoomed in, placed on the ground and set to trigger after 2 seconds.  If the photo was taken while I was standing up, it wouldn’t have looked as interesting as this.  Anyhow, this is Half Half, one of our cats.  He was a stray cat who wandered off into our garage and eventually became one of our pets.  He was a scrawny little cat when he first came around but he just got fatter and fatter.

Next time, I’ll try posting photos of our dog(s).  =)

Ladder at the Marikina Riverbanks



This was taken during one photowalk with some friends way back in the early 2000’s at the Marikina Riverbanks.  I don’t remember anything about the settings but I’m certain this was shot with the EF 28-80 kit lens of the EOS 300 film SLR.  This ladder was one of the structures that stood out to me primarily because of its colors.  The photo gives the viewer an idea of the climb that this ladder requires to get to the top.  To my knowledge, this ladder is no longer there and it was good to have captured an image of it while it was still in place.